MADO Traditional Turkish Village Breakfast
Mado goat cheese, herbal cheese, brynza cheese, yellow cheese, grilled Halloumi cheese, full fat feta cheese, butter, comb honey & Turkish cream, jam varieties, tahini & molasses, olives (black and crushed green), Su borek, pastrami, tomato cucumber, fresh rockets, fried village eggs and grilled Turkish soujouk slices, served with bread basket and unlimited glass of tea
Fast Breakfast
Feta cheese, green & black olives, cherry tomatoes & cucumbers, sour cherry jam, boiled egg, served with “Simit” Turkish bagel and a glass of tea on the side
Simit Breakfast
Inside the delicious Turkish bagel “Simit”, yellow cheese, served with fresh greens, cherry tomatoes & cucumbers and a glass of tea on the side
Hot Breakfast Platter
Grilled soujouk, grilled mushrooms filled with yellow cheese, grilled cheese, spring rolls with feta cheese, menemen in mini casserole, roasted green peppers, grilled tomatoes and potato wedges
Sini Breakfast
Goat cheese, feta cheese, yellow cheese, su borek, butter, Acuka tomato-pepper paste, comb honey & Turkish cream, tahini & molasses, sour cherry jam, green and black olives, tomatoes and cucumbers, seasonal fruits, dried fig, dried apricots, fried eggs with soujouk and bread basket, served with unlimited glass of tea
Warm Goat Cheese
Grilled goat cheese, accompanied with fresh rocket leaves, walnut, cherry tomatoes and toasted bread